Martin Aircraft Company seeks vertical take off

Martin Aircraft Company seeks vertical take off

NEW Zealand has pioneering roots in the Aviation Industry. Eight months before the Wright brothers famously recorded the first modern manned Flight at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, a farmer from South Carolina, Richard Pearse, was testing a rival mechanically powered flying contraption over his grassy paddocks.

Foreign design also provided foundation for the nation’s commercial Aviation Industry, when it bought two of the first Aircraft ever built by Boeing.

The coming listing of Martin Aircraft Company aims to write a new chapter for New Zealand’s Aviation Industry characterised by domestic innovation.

The technology company is focused on developing and commercialising unique ultralight Aircraft. Its primary asset is intellectual property surrounding the Martin Jetpack, a one person, petroleum powered Aircraft capable of vertical take off and landing.

The Martin Jetpack Technology has a development history spanning 30 years with its first manned, unassisted flight recorded in 2007. This year, the company’s latest working prototype was certified by the NZ Civil Aviation Authority.

The Martin Aircraft Company’s listing is designed to fund ongoing development of the technology, which benefits from flight time 20 times longer than existing jetpack devices, a reliable fuel supply, and competitive operating costs. With recent NZ certification of prototype P12.2 significantly mitigating safety risks surrounding the technology, Martin Aircraft aims to complete development of a commercially available product by 2016.

Technical challenges advancing the prototype into a commercial product, and international permitting requirements, stand ahead as major hurdles. The technology’s commercial appeal remains to be vindicated with a customer supply agreement; however, new investors with a speculative appetite may take comfort from the $17 million expended on development to date.

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
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