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Warning Travel Tax could cost Jobs

New Zealand's looming travel tax could cost the country hundreds of jobs and is a breach of International Aviation principles, a Global Airline Organisation warns.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says the fees which could add up to close to $22 for a round trip international air fare would have a "profound negative impact" on air travel demand and tourism.
At its maximum proposed level, the tax could cost the Aviation Industry $33 million and 207 jobs and tourism would be hit by the loss of $196 million and 1702 jobs.
In a submission to this country's Ministry of Transport, the association said the tax would contradict International Civil Aviation Organisation principles that New Zealand had signed up to.
One clause states: "Civil Aviation should not be charged for any costs that would be incurred for more general security functions performed by States such as general policing, intelligence gathering and national security which state."