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Air Freight New Zealand to dispose of Convair 580 fleet

Air Freight NZ (Auckland Int'l) will replace its fleet of five CV-580(F)s with B737-400(F)s between February and May 2016 parent firm Freightways has disclosed. In a statement, the New Zealand logistics firm said the trio of jets would be dry-leased from Airwork (PST, Auckland Int'l) whose parent, Airwork Holdings Limited (AWK), will form a joint-venture company with Air Freight NZ's parent, Fieldair Holdings Limited (FAH). "Customers of the JV company will be Freightways' express package businesses and NZ Post’s Express Couriers (ECL) business. If demand warrants it, capacity will be made available to other freight operators," the firm said.
The fleet of five Convairs will be put up for sale once the B737s arrive.

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Start up OriginAir to serve New Zealand Domestic Market

Start up OriginAir  to serve New Zealand Domestic Market
Air Nelson (RLK, Nelson) founder Robert Inglis has announced plans to re-enter the New Zealand Aviation Market with the  launch of his latest start-up, Originair, in August this year. The announcement comes days after Kiwi Regional Airlines (Hamilton) announced it too would be making its Local Market Debut, during September.
Based in Nelson, Originair plans to offer double-daily return flights to Palmerston North beginning August 12. A Nelson-Wellington return route has also been added, with flights commencing onSeptember 10this year.Operations are on-board a pair of Jetstream 31s.“We are experienced Airline operators and have the Aircraft and systems to service these routes,” Inglis said. “We have been working hard since December to be ready to fly between Nelson and Palmerston North byAugust 12, 2015." Aside from Air Nelson, Inglis also founded Origin Pacific Airways (QO, Nelson) and an Aircraft leasing company, Inglis Aircr…

New Zealand Grounds All Flights After National Radar Outage

All scheduled flights were prevented briefly from taking off in New Zealand on Tuesday after a Radar fault struck.
Airways New Zealand, which manages Air Traffic Control, grounded all Commercial Airlines at Airports across the country.
The fault struck at 2.48pm and led to delays, with passengers sitting on planes on the tarmac.
A spokesman for the Aviation Authority said the fault was eventually rectified and services resumed about 4.20pm. A statement from Airways New Zealand said: “At no point was the safety of any Airport operations compromised.”
Delays were expected to continue throughout the afternoon.
Earlier, after the grounding order was put out, a spokesman said: “There has been a radar failure that has occurred at 2.48pm [02.48 GMT] this afternoon; we are working on the issue at the moment.
“The impact is that all Aircraft have been held on the ground. There are no Aircraft taking off across the country. The Aircraft that are in the air have been cleared to land.”

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Air New Zealand Earnings to Fall due to Qantas Airlines

Air New Zealand Earnings to Fall due to Qantas Airlines. Air New Zealand's earnings are poised to come under significant pressure as a result of Qantas Airways' strategy of launching regional Jetstar flights in New Zealand and threatening to enter the monopoly New Zealand-mainland North America market in partnership with American Airlines, analysts say.
A Credit Suisse analysis has revealed Kiwi passengers in economy class are paying on average 38 per cent more per kilometre on non-stop flights between New Zealand the mainland US compared with what Australian passengers on Qantas pay per kilometre on the longer flights between Sydney and Melbourne and Los Angeles.
The Qantas figures were translated to New Zealand dollars to conduct the exercise. The overall premium of 15.4 per cent received by Air NZ on trans-Pacific flights is lower in part because the Kiwi carrier's flights have a smaller proportion of business-class seats than Qantas. 
Qantas and American have flagged the …

Jetstar Plans Shakeup Of Regional New Zealand Aviation

Air New Zealand looks set to receive some new competition on Regional Routes with Jetstar announcing plans to launch turboprop operations from December.
The Qantas-owned low-cost carrier said on Thursday it would introduce five 50-seat Bombardier Q300s to connect yet-to-be  determined regional NZ centres to its current domestic NZ network of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. QantasLink’s Eastern Airlines Australia will operate and manage the Q300 fleet in NZ, Jetstar said. Routes and frequencies  are expected to be announced in September after consultations with Regional Airports, Governments and Business Groups. Hamilton, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Napier, Palmerston North, Nelson and Invercargill are listed as potential new destinations.
Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, who made the announcement in Auckland alongside NZ Prime Minister John Key, said regional communities were “calling out for more choice and lower fares on Regional Routes in New Zealand because ther…

Aireon And Airways New Zealand Sign Agreement

Aireon And Airways New Zealand Sign Agreement to Investigate Improvements to Aviation Operations in the South Pacific Agreement represents another important step in the planned deployment of Aireon’s space-based Air Traffic surveillance in the Asia Pacific region Aireon LLC, developer of the world’s first space-based Global Air Traffic surveillance system, announces today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Airways New Zealand, New Zealand’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), to collaborate on the investigation of the potential to deploy space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) services in New Zealand Domestic and South Pacific Airspace. Airways New Zealand’s goal is to provide safe, efficient and low-cost air navigation services to their Airline customers, on a long-term, sustainable basis.
Under the terms of this agreement, Airways New Zealand and Aireon will work together to investigate and potentially develop applicable regulation…

Passengers should be worried Pilots call for Greater security on Domestic Flights

Airline staff are calling for greater security at New Zealand's domestic Airports amid fears of a possible terror attack. New Zealand has one of the most relaxed Domestic Aviation Security Systems with passengers able to use a self-check-in  kiosk, don't require documentation and aren't searched by security.
Airlines Pilot Association Alpa Union security expert Dave Reynolds said pilots don't see the current system as one that  protects them in the air. "They do not know who's flying in the Aircraft they do not know what's in their cargo, that in itself is a very dangerous  situation. It's not just pilots that I say should be worried, it's passengers."
New Zealand is one of the few countries in the western world that doesn't require passengers to provide identification when they check-in, and unless the Aircraft has more than 90 seats passengers won't pass through metal detectors and luggage screening.
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