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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Helicopter Outlook 2014

Helicopter Outlook 2014 

According to report, the high profile Regulations on The Use of Low Altitude Airspace Management for Trial Implementation has been formed. Once the low altitude Airspace management regulations to implement, communication & navigation system and low altitude Flight service stations will be large scale construction, and access to national level Investment. 

Recently,China's first low altitude route ZhuhaiYangjiang  Luoding route has Officially shipping on June 26th,mark of China's low altitude Airspace reform entered the practical stage.According to data, China existing 178 general Aviation enterprises, registered 1610 general aviation Aircraft, with 399 general Airports and temporary landing point. It is predicted that, over the next 20 years, the number of civilian helicopters in China is expected to reach about 10000, over the next 10 years, China general aviation industry market demand over 640 billion CNY. 

Under this background, Helicopter Outlook 2014 will take place on 3rd 4th, December The industry leaders from official government, Helicopter OEMs, Helicopter Operators the Flight activities including industry, agriculture, forestry, fishery and construction as well as health care, disaster relief, meteorological, ocean monitoring, scientific experiment, education and training, culture and sports and helicopter adequate & systematic services suppliers including Aircraft leasing companies, pilot training, MRO/upgrade, third party service companies and insurance will gather together, to discuss the helicopters Airworthiness certification, future helicopter development trends and market demands forecast. Grasp the helicopter market new business opportunities, please pay more attention on Helicopter Outlook 2014. 

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Student Pilots Land Here After Heli Pro Collapse

Student Pilots Land Here After Heli Pro Collapse

The latest Mainland Aviation College graduands in waiting line up from left, near propeller Swapnil Karki 20, of Nepal, who graduates in January, Payal Kar 21, of India, leaving in two weeks, Mainland's general manager Shirley Kean, Jian Ping Wei 25, of China, who leaves next week and Mainland chief flight instructor Hamish Mosley (24). Photo by Linda Robertson.

The latest Mainland Aviation College graduands in waiting line up (from left, near propeller) Swapnil Karki (20, of Nepal, who graduates in January), Payal Kar (21, of India, leaving in two weeks), Mainland's general manager Shirley Kean, Jian Ping Wei (25, of China, who leaves next week) and Mainland chief flight instructor Hamish Mosley (24). Photo by Linda Robertson.
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Eighteen international student pilots left in the lurch by the receivership of Tauranga-based Heli-Pro have chosen Mainland Aviation College at Dunedin International Airport to complete their studies.

About 50 days after Heli Pro went into receivership, Mainland's student numbers have more than tripled, from eight to 26, with the additions of a United Nations of international students, Mainland general manager Shirley Kean said.

Some of the 18 International students had been unwittingly caught up in two recent Aviation receiverships in New Zealand, losing MONEY twice in the process.

It's not a good look. It makes people wary. We want to build up good international relationships,Mrs Kean said.

Mainland has been operating since 1991, having had about 270 students over the years, and offers fixed-wing flying tuition, in nine training craft, including Cessna 152, Tobago and twin
engined Senecas and Chieftains, plus a Flight simulator.

It can be a bit like the United Nations around here at times,she said of current students from Oman, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, Papua and China.

The majority of students are in their early 20s and pay $70,000-$80,000 for Flight training over 18 months.

Mrs Kean said Mainland offered pastoral care for the international students, which included them all staying together in Dunedin in accommodation Mainland organised.

After Heli Pro went into receivership, all New Zealand's flight schools were vying to offer the 18 students places, she said.

She believes the combination of a visit directly to the students in Tauranga, by her husband, Mainland chief executive Phil Kean, and chief flight instructor Hamish Mosley, and praise from former students, swung their choice in Mainland's favour.

Their presence was a nice economic boost for the city, with accommodation, cars and groceries, she said, noting that packed lunches was not one of the students' strong points. They spent about a $1000 a week on airport lunches.

A benefit for some Mainland students was that it operating Mainland Air Charters Ltd, with four aircraft, meaning the students, when qualified, could begin building up a log book of flying hours and experience.

Heli-Pro, with about 70 staff, 30 helicopters and some fixed-wing craft, was a charter, tourism and training venture. It put itself in voluntary receivership in early October, with estimates it might owe creditors tens of millions of dollars.

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Mohini Porwal

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
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New Zealand Aviation News Editor

Friday, November 28, 2014

The New Zealand Herald Network Select a network 29th November

The New Zealand Herald Network Select a network 29th November 

Grant Bradley Aviation, tourism and energy writer for the Business Herald

Air New Zealand Ltd Airlines Business New Zealand... United States
New Dreamliners allow nonstop travel deep within America, possibly to Chicago.

The Airline would use its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners on a nonstop route. By mid next year it will have four of the 10 fuel efficient long range planes it has on order. Photo Peter Meecham
The Airline would use its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners on a nonstop route. By mid-next year it will have four of the 10 fuel-efficient long-range planes it has on order. PhotoPeter Meecham

Air New Zealand is poised to fly deeper into the United States, possibly Chicago, which travel experts say should result in good deals for travellers.

While the Airline is not commenting, it is understood Chicago, Houston and Las Vegas are on the shortlist. An announcement could be made by early next year and flights start within the next 12 months.

The airline would use its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners on a nonstop route. By mid next year it will have four of the 10 fuel efficient long range planes it has on order.

Travel agents say new routes usually start with promotional fares. They have been aware of the airline scoping out new destinations in the US, where record numbers of Kiwis are travelling, boosted by the relatively high New Zealand dollar.

Simon Mckearney, general manager of product at Flight Centre, said if the airline opted for Chicago or Houston, fares would be between those for Los Angeles and New York after opening specials.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Zealand Airline works at reliability

New Zealand Airline works at reliability

Jetstar New Zealand says it is attracting more business customers, thanks to its improved standards of reliability. Grant Kerr, head of New Zealand Jetstar operations, acknowledges that there was a period when the Australian-owned airline often attracted public criticism for breakdowns in communication with its passengers.

Jetstar has hit the headlines for such things as having a pregnant woman bumped off a flight after having already let her fly one LEG, and cancelling a Flight which meant fans missed a Lady Gaga concert in Auckland.

The Australian LCC, a Qantas subsidiary, says it has about 20.7 percent of the domestic MARKET based on flights between Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown and Dunedin, carrying up t
o 5000 passengers a day.

Grant Kerr says the Airline has improved its reliability and significantly moved on in its five years as a domestic carrier.The Airline is now tracking less than one Flight cancelled per 160 scheduled Flights, and on its morning and evening peak-hour main trunk Flights up to 50 percent of passengers are business customers.

Punctuality is high on a measure based on flights departing and arriving within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, averaging 90 percent or more. The airline marks its arrival time when the aircraft comes to a complete stop at the arrival gate and the park brake is applied.

And last month Jetstar ran a Punctuality Promise campaign, applied to all its domestic New Zealand flights during the eight days 23–30 September. Domestic passengers were given a $25 flight voucher if their flight arrived more than 10 minutes later than scheduled. The campaign applied to all delays, including those caused by weather.

Grant said the promotion was a unique way to highlight to Kiwis how much the airline’s domestic punctuality had improved.

Everyone knows the saying ‘put your MONEY where your mouth is, so we felt what better way to further promote our consistently high punctuality than to give people a voucher if we arrive more than 10 minutes later than scheduled.

While many people are aware of how much our on time performance has improved, we wanted a campaign that would spread the message even more widely,according to Grant.
The point of this promotion is to highlight that we achieve strong punctuality month after month. We’re not adding any extra resources or doing anything differently, and as always safety is our number one prioritNew Zealand Immigration Work Permit

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mayor walks out of Air NZ meeting

Mayor walks out of Air NZ meeting

The rural representative for Local Government New Zealand walked out of a meeting today with Air New Zealand when it refused to reconsider its closure of some regional services.

Opotiki mayor John Forbes said he turned up to the meeting with the perception that he was entering consultation with the Airline.Instead,he said its representatives said the door is shut on some services.

Mr Forbes said he was disappointed that the company,which was bailed out by the taxpayer in 2001,has failed to talk to representatives of rural communities with an open mind.

I think Air New Zealand should be ashamed of themselves, they are the national carrier and they are not understanding the impacts that they are having on communities.

They are not even coming to talk to us about what sorts of impacts they are having, and if they can't understand that, how can that inform their decision making?
From April next year, Air New Zealand would stop Flights from Kaitaia and Whakatane to Auckland, as well as services from Wellington to Whangarei, Taupo and Westport, and the Palmerston North to Nelson route.

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New Zealand To Introduce Civil UAV Regulations

New Zealand To Introduce Civil UAV Regulations

New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is planning to issue a notice of proposed rulemaking on 4 December to establish regulations covering the use of unmanned air vehicles.

In a statement, the CAA says that the current regulations on UAVs were designed for model aircraft, however as many vehicles have advanced performance characteristics, this opens up additional risks.

To date, this year there have been 15 incidents involving UAVs in New Zealand reported to the CAA, up from 12 the year prior.

While it did not provide many details on the proposed regulations, the CAA adds that operators of high-risk UAVs will likely require certification.

The regulations have been drafted in cooperation with industry group UAVNZ and government technology body Callaghan Innovation, and will be open for public comment until 30 January 2015.

We want to make sure the new rules do not impose an undue regulatory burden on operators and will seek feedback on this and other aspects during the consultation period,” says the CAA’s general manager general aviation Steve Moore.

We want to make sure that recreational users can still operate in a low risk environment, and will modify the existing rules so they can continue to do this where appropriate.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Martin Aircraft Company seeks vertical take off

Martin Aircraft Company seeks vertical take off

NEW Zealand has pioneering roots in the Aviation Industry. Eight months before the Wright brothers famously recorded the first modern manned Flight at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, a farmer from South Carolina, Richard Pearse, was testing a rival mechanically powered flying contraption over his grassy paddocks.

Foreign design also provided foundation for the nation’s commercial Aviation Industry, when it bought two of the first Aircraft ever built by Boeing.

The coming listing of Martin Aircraft Company aims to write a new chapter for New Zealand’s Aviation Industry characterised by domestic innovation.

The technology company is focused on developing and commercialising unique ultralight Aircraft. Its primary asset is intellectual property surrounding the Martin Jetpack, a one person, petroleum powered Aircraft capable of vertical take off and landing.

The Martin Jetpack Technology has a development history spanning 30 years with its first manned, unassisted flight recorded in 2007. This year, the company’s latest working prototype was certified by the NZ Civil Aviation Authority.

The Martin Aircraft Company’s listing is designed to fund ongoing development of the technology, which benefits from flight time 20 times longer than existing jetpack devices, a reliable fuel supply, and competitive operating costs. With recent NZ certification of prototype P12.2 significantly mitigating safety risks surrounding the technology, Martin Aircraft aims to complete development of a commercially available product by 2016.

Technical challenges advancing the prototype into a commercial product, and international permitting requirements, stand ahead as major hurdles. The technology’s commercial appeal remains to be vindicated with a customer supply agreement; however, new investors with a speculative appetite may take comfort from the $17 million expended on development to date.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Air New Zealand Wine Awards Champion Gewurztraminer

Air New Zealand Wine Awards Champion Gewurztraminer

The Air New Zealand Wine Awards is New Zealand’s premier wine competition created to encourage and reward excellence in New Zealand winemaking for the benefit of winemakers and consumers.

The competition has been running for over 30 years and this trophy marks the fourth for Spy Valley previously being awarded the Trophy for Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

Our Gewurztraminer has consistently done well,the 2003 Spy Valley Gewurztraminer won the Air New Zealand Wine Awards Gewurztraminer Trophy back in 2003, 10 vintages on it shows we are still hitting the mark.Said Blair Gibbs, Spy Valley Wines General Manager.

This year's competition saw 1,552 wines entered into 16 different classes. The entries were judged by an independent panel of 26 expert wine judges, including two international judges David Brookes and Sebastian Braun.

It was a season that really suited Gewurztraminer, with plenty of warmth to push the flavours towards our favoured exotic spice spectrum. Abundant structure from the low cropping vines is balanced with naturally low acidity, the weight and richness of the palate being the defining character of this wine.2013 saw the ferments finish a little later, and consequently a slightly drier wine than the previous vintage. Aromas are bright and multi-layered, with the cool nights through the harvest period retaining the full flavours of the fruit.Paul Bourgeois, Spy Valley’s Chief Winemaker since 2007.

He describesthe bouquet as possessing‘Powerful spice notes with very ripe citrus and stonefruit.’ The palate is inviting and soft to begin, it finishes with the power and firmness of a favourable vintage with multiple layers of flavour and texture.’

The grapes were estate-grown at the Johnson Estate Vineyard in the lower Waihopai Valley, under the guidance of Viticulturist Adam McCone, the fruit was all harvested in ripe condition with high natural sugar levels in the berries.

Spy Valley Marlborough Gewurztraminer2013is enjoyable now, but also a definite candidate for the cellar. “This wine may take some time to show its best as it unfolds with some bottle age.Says Bourgeois.Old vines that have been diligently looked after by the vineyard team means ripe, structured fruit. The vintages back to 2003 and 2004are still looking good.

Old vines that have been diligently looked after by the vineyard team means ripe, structured fruit that doesn’t need any interventions in the winemaking process.

One of Spy Valley’s core values is to consistently over deliver with award winning varietally true wines. Winning the Champion Trophy for the 2013Gewurztraminerjust reinforces that

we are achieving this goal across the portfolio and highlights the diversity of Marlborough as a region.” Says Gibbs.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Zealand's Regions To Get Service Of A Private Airliner Demand Up For Slashing Airport Charges

New Zealand's Regions To Get Service Of A Private Airliner Demand Up For Slashing Airport Charges

There is good news for New Zealand's Regions. Their anguish was visible after Air New Zealand's decided to pull out of non lucrative regional routes and close its subsidiary Eagle Air.The news is that New Zealand's regional Airline, Sunair Aviation, has stepped in with the offer to fly in the abandoned routes.Sunair Aviation has announced that it is keen to boost New Zealand regional services in a big way. According to its chief executive, Dan Power, the main reason for inflated regional airfares was big airport charges. 

An Air New Zealand plane flies over houses in Mount Victoria as it approaches Wellington Airport.

Power said, even though Sunair would not want to compete with Air New Zealand, it is willing to take up the routes being left by Air New Zealand in the North Island.Most air travellers in New Zealand's regions have been business people who fly between different regional centres, reported TV. Nz. Sunair needs this kind of a target group of travellers to operate for Kaitaia and Whakatane.

Sunair will formally talk to Kaitaia and Whakatane Airport authorities owned by the local councils. But Power noted that airports have to play a responsible role if they wanted to keep the regional routes busy. Kaitaia and Whakatane were exited by the national carrier, signalling lack of patronage and high costs. But Sunair has been running its operations for the past two decades, offering regular daily flights on its 15-plane fleet between regional North Island hubs like Hamilton, Gisborne, Rotorua, Whitianga and Napier.

Airports As Amenities

Power said regions need a pragmatic approach to retain connectivity through air services.  The reason why Air New Zealand and other operators are struggling with thin routes in New Zealand is because of the rising cost of infrastructure placed on this industry. There has been 50 percent increases in airport charges in the last two years," Power said, according to NBR report.

Airlines pay service charges to the state-owned air controller Airways Corp, as well as landing fees to airports. He urged the councils to treat airports as amenities and not as revenue engines. As the airports get less operators, they slap heavy charges to the remaining players and the never-ending spiral ultimately leads to oblivion. "But our regional airline clearly sees an opportunity where Air New Zealand suffered losses,Power claimed. The national carrier in early November said it was pulling out of seven regional routes, as the cost of maintaining the 19 seat Aircraft fleet has been pinching its bottomline, with costs exceeding more than $1 million a month, especially in the past two years.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gerry Brownlee Has Been Fined For Dodging Airport Security

Gerry Brownlee Has Been Fined For Dodging Airport Security

Gerry Brownlee has been fined for dodging Airport security.
NZGerry Brownlee discusses the Civil Aviation Authority report into his Airport security breach.

Politics Now the hard part begins for Andrew Little  Little kicks tax review beyond next election Beehive Live Labour leader launch Mahuta's support helps Little to victory Today in politics November 19 Sutton breached confidentiality  Rennie How Andrew Little won the Labour leadership Profile Andrew Little Dinosaur attitude saves Sutton's face Gerry Brownlee fined for Airport security breach.  

Gerry Brownlee insists he was not seeking preferential treatment because he is a Cabinet minister, after being fined $2000 for breaching Airport rules when he bypassed security to board a domestic Flight.

The Civil Aviation Authority today issued its decision on an incident when Brownlee and two staff breached security at Christchurch Airport on July 24.

The breach happened when Brownlee and his aides entered a gate lounge through an exit only door. The Air New Zealand Flight carried on regardless.

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