Helicopter Outlook 2014

Helicopter Outlook 2014 

According to report, the high profile Regulations on The Use of Low Altitude Airspace Management for Trial Implementation has been formed. Once the low altitude Airspace management regulations to implement, communication & navigation system and low altitude Flight service stations will be large scale construction, and access to national level Investment. 

Recently,China's first low altitude route ZhuhaiYangjiang  Luoding route has Officially shipping on June 26th,mark of China's low altitude Airspace reform entered the practical stage.According to data, China existing 178 general Aviation enterprises, registered 1610 general aviation Aircraft, with 399 general Airports and temporary landing point. It is predicted that, over the next 20 years, the number of civilian helicopters in China is expected to reach about 10000, over the next 10 years, China general aviation industry market demand over 640 billion CNY. 

Under this background, Helicopter Outlook 2014 will take place on 3rd 4th, December The industry leaders from official government, Helicopter OEMs, Helicopter Operators the Flight activities including industry, agriculture, forestry, fishery and construction as well as health care, disaster relief, meteorological, ocean monitoring, scientific experiment, education and training, culture and sports and helicopter adequate & systematic services suppliers including Aircraft leasing companies, pilot training, MRO/upgrade, third party service companies and insurance will gather together, to discuss the helicopters Airworthiness certification, future helicopter development trends and market demands forecast. Grasp the helicopter market new business opportunities, please pay more attention on Helicopter Outlook 2014. 

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