Air NZ Announces Regional Network Cuts

Air NZ announces regional network cuts
Smallest Aircraft in the Air New Zealand

Chief executive Christopher Luxon said the Airline had been looking at how to address the poor operating economics of its 19 seat fleet since the start of the year.
The 19 seat Aircraft is the smallest in the Air New Zealand fleet but has the highest cost per seat to operate because the fixed costs of operation are distributed across fewer passengers,he said.
Flights Air New Zealand

Luxon acknowledged the news was disappointing for travellers as well as staff of Eagle Airways, which operate the Aircraft.

The Airline has 232 employees and there are good redeployment opportunities across a rapidly growing Air New Zealand Group,he said.

The EPMU said more than 30 Aircraft engineers in Hamilton could lose their jobs as Air NZ closed Eagle Air.

These engineers are working in highly-skilled, well paid jobs which create a lot of value for the local economy, Strachan Crang, EPMU assistant director of organising, said.

They will find it very difficult to get similar work in the Waikato and many may have to relocate.
Regional Airfares of Air New Zealand

It was possible a smaller maintenance facility may remain in Hamilton, working on other Air New Zealand Aircraft, Crang said.

Other towns experiencing increased demand, including Kerikeri, Whangarei, Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, Gisborne, Taupo, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Blenheim, Hokitika and Timaru, were the winners of today's restructuring.

Luxon said each would progressively move to 50-seat aircraft and benefit from fare reductions of an average 15 per cent.

Our Average regional Airfare has fallen by two percent over the past five years and today's announcement will keep further downward pressure on regional Airfares,he said.

Smallest Aircraft in the Air New Zealand, 
Regional Airfares of Air New Zealand,
smaller maintenance facility may remain in Hamilton,
Staff of Eagle Airways, 
Flights Air New Zealand,

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