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Sydney-Auckland remains #1 City Pair

The top 12 city pairs represent over 92% of all weekly seats provided between Australia and New Zealand, which has slightly increased from the 91% recorded for the same week last year. The 2,165 Kilometre sector between Sydney and Auckland has managed to maintain its top position in 2015, with weekly seat capacity between the two destinations having increased by 2%. A total of seven Airlines are serving this city pAir this January, the same number recorded in the corresponding week last year. Air New Zealand is the dominant operator serving the route, accounting for over 34% of weekly seats, followed by Qantas (25%) and Emirates (15%). Interestingly, LAN Airlines is also serving this city pAir as part of its daily Flights from Santiago to Sydney.

Overall, the 2015 ranking is relatively stable with no new entrants in the top dozen since last January, although there have been movers in that time. Notably, the 2,232-kilometre sector from Sydney to Wellington provided 7.1% less weekly capa…

Ms Cho, who is a Daughter of Korean Air Chief Executive Cho Yang-ho who went into a Rage Trial Begins

Ms Cho, who is a Daughter of Korean Air Chief Executive Cho Yang-ho who went into a Rage Trial Begins

Korean Air Korean Air executive who went into a Rage Trial Begins
The trial has opened in Seoul of the Korean Air executive who went into a rage when her macadamia nuts were served in a bag, rather than on a Plate.
Heather Cho has been accused of violating Aviation safety laws and endangering passengers by ordering the plane back to the gate in New York as it taxied for Take Off.

The "nut rage" incident occured on a Seoul-bound Flight on 5 December.

The 40-year-old, who has been in custody for three weeks, has pleaded not guilty to charges of obstructing Aviation safety.
Ms Cho will face a maximum of 10 years in jail if found guilty of diverting the Aircraft with no good reason.

She appeared in the packed courtroom wearing a green prison uniform, stood with her head lowered and answered questions in a whisper, the BBC reported.

Ms Cho's lawyers argued in the opening statement th…

Air NZ Decision to Ditch MOA Disappointing

Air NZ ditches MOA contract

Air New Zealand's decision to drop Kiwi craft brewer MOA and serve only foreign-owned beer is a disappointing move from the national Carrier, a marketing expert says.

Air New Zealand will stop serving beer and cider made by NZX-listed MOA on Flights and in Koru lounges just one year into a three-year contract.

MOA chief executive Geoff Ross said Air New Zealand told the company it wanted to move to one beer supplier.

With MOA being phased out by Air New Zealand, big brewer Lion Nathan - owned by Japanese beverage giant Kirin - becomes the Carrier's sole beer supplier.

Evolve Marketing managing director Brandon Wilcox said it would be disappointing if Air New Zealand was supplied solely by Lion Nathan.

"As the national Carrier I would expect Air New Zealand to support New Zealand brands rather than allowing themselves to be brought out by a multi-national brand," Willcox said.

The Air New Zealand contract would have had a positive effect on MOA…

Air New Zealand in Top 10 of World's Safest Airlines 2014

Air New Zealand in Top 10 of World's Safest Airlines 2014 

A 'Worst Year' For Airlines Otherwise

Top 10 of World's Safest Airlines 2014 
Air New Zealand, 
British Airways, 
Cathay Pacific, 
Etihad Airways, 
EVA Air, 
Singapore Airlines

Air New Zealand has been recognised as one of the world's safest Airlines for passengers. has recently released its list with Qantas taking the spot for the Airline with no fatalities on record.

An Air New Zealand plane flies over houses in Mount Victoria as it approaches Wellington Airport, October 7, 2011.

The Airline rating website said that Qantas has achieved several records in safety operations in its 94 years in the business. The company was lauded for being the world's most experienced Airline.

The list of world's safest Airlines was based on the site's evaluation of the Airline company's history, incident records and operational excellence. It also consults aviation…

One MOre Flight Accident Near Missed

One MOre Flight Accident Near Missed

Where: At Tonga,
How:Chinese plane started to skid off a runaway.
Airlines:Prime Minister John Key,  

Olympic Athlete Valerie Adams in Aircraft Accident Near Miss in Tonga 
Olympic shot put medallist Valarie Adams has had a near miss with an Aircraft accident involving a Chinese plane that started to skid off a runaway in Tonga.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully has been warning Kiwis for the last year not to travel on the Real Tonga Airlines Xian MA60 Aircraft saying it is not safe.

Adams has been holidaying in Tonga over Christmas with partner Gabriel Price, at the family village of Houma, on Tongatapu.

Before boarding the Aircraft at Fua amotu International Airport Adams posed for photos with other Tongans travelling to Eua.

That caption says the photo was taken just before they boarded the real Tonga Airlines on their way to Eua only to find out the breaks don't work as the plane started to slide off the runway thank goodness everyone was …

AirAsia's Plane Turned Back Before Takeoff In Indonesia

AirAsia's Plane Turned Back Before Takeoff In Indonesia

AirAsia has downplayed an incident that saw one of its planes turned back before takeoff in Indonesia, a week after another of its Jets crashed into the Java Sea with 162 on board.

Indonesia AirAsia Flight 7633 was taxiing in preparation for takeoff on Saturday at Surabaya Airport where last week's doomed Flight also took off when a power unit used to start the plane shut down, an Airline official said.

As a result, the Pilot turned back to the gate, Raden Achmad Sadikin, director of Safety and Security at Indonesia AirAsia, told reporters.

Local media in Indonesia and Malaysia had reported the Bandung bound plane's engine had cut out after emitting a loud bang that terrified passengers,but AirAsia stressed it was a minor incident.

Silly headlines in Malaysia. AirAsia Indonesia aircraft did not have a stalled engine. An APU, which is ground power, had to be restarted.

Fernandes urged staff to remain strong.

Facts will come o…

Wreckage of Missing AirAsia Airbus A 320 Flight # QZ 8501 Jet Found by Searchers in the Java Sea

Wreckage and several bodies from the missing AirAsia Airbus A 320 jet were last night found by searchers in the Java Sea - but there were no reports of survivors.

"God blessed us today," National Search and Rescue Agency chief Bambang Soelistyo told a press conference.

"At 12.50 the Air Force Hercules found an object described as a shadow at the bottom of the sea in the form of a Aircraft," he said.

But hopes of finding survivors were dashed.

At least three bodies had been recovered from the ocean last night, and others were seen near floating debris, some of which resembled an Aircraft door and emergency slide.

The bodies had been taken to an Indonesian navy ship, the Associated Press reported.

Air Force Hercules C130 co-Pilot Lieutenant Tri Wibowo, who flew on a search mission over the area, told he saw dozens of floating bodies as well as passenger luggage and Aircraft debris.

"We thought that the passengers were still alive and waved at us for help. B…