It Is cheaperTo Go To Nelson and fly to Wellington,even with the Petrol

It Is cheaperTo Go To Nelson and fly to Wellington,even with the P

Eastern Bay of Plenty Chamber of Commerce CEO Gerard Casey said Air New Zealand pulling out of the Whakatane route was disappointing but not a knock for the region.

We are disappointed but we understand why the decision was made and the challenges Air New Zealand has had with an aging fleet of small planes," Casey said.
He said there were two airports within an hour's drive of Whakatane, so the town was still well served.

We are going to have cheaper Airfares available to use when Rotorua and Tauranga have more capcity.
The forecast is for 15 per cent cheaper from Tauranga and Rotorua.
Casey said the decision would be likely to affect Whakatane's business community more than tourists.
I don't think you have to pump your chest and say Look I have got an Airport so I am an economic powerhouse.

Air New Zealand currently operates up to four return services daily between Auckland and Whakatane.

Whakatane Airport a distinctive terminal building designed by Architect Roger Walker in 1974.
The Air New Zealand service is the only scheduled passenger service operating from the Airport.

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