Try Before You Buy, as Air New Zealand Shows Off New Seats in San Francisco

Try Before You Buy, as Air New Zealand Shows Off New Seats in San Francisco

The folks over at Air New Zealand are pretty darn excited to offer up some cool seats on their newest non stop 777-300 service between Auckland and San Francisco, and they are about to brag all over the Bay City.

Service between the cities is not actually new, but the Airline used to fly Boeing 747s on it. Now that those big birds have been retired from their fleet, the 777 is doing the heavy lifting. With this Aircraft switch comes a new and improved cabin for the 12 hour Flight, finally including those futuristic SpaceSeats in premium economy and the comfy SkyCouch in economy.

We know the Airline is no stranger to doing things a little different when it comes to upgrades, in Flight safety vids and cheap Flights, so don't be shocked when you see those seats taking a tour of San Fran in a glass sided truck for the city to sample. With a few stops around SF and San Jose, the truck will be giving away the opportunity to put your butt in the seat and score some cool Air NZ swag.

If you are wandering the streets this week and spy the white leather pod or black fabric seat sofa, be sure to share it through all social media channels using the hashtag #AirNZ777300. Follow their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more, including locations. Even if you're not on the West Coast, you can still head to their website to register to win round trip tickets in economy from SFO to Auckland.

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor
New Zealand Aviation News Editor


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