The MARKET for business Jets and Turbine Helicopters is nearly all leisure

The MARKET for business Jets and Turbine Helicopters is nearly all leisure

According to Qwilton Biel, chairman of the helicopter division of the New Zealand Aviation Industry Association, If you walk into our industry forum and talk about fractionals, the attendees will think you’re talking about math. It’s just not a concept that’s caught on in New Zealand. You can drive the whole country north to south in one day.

The MARKET for business jets and turbine helicopters is nearly all leisure, and foreign passengers create about 95 percent of the demand. Just eight business jets operate in country, three of which fly with a New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) tail number.

Auckland based Air National, New Zealand’s largest charter operator, fields a fleet that includes a Jetstream 32 and Westwind II. Iain Ballantyne, the company’s business development manager, said, We know the expense of taking your own Gulfstream from the U.S., so our message is this: fly Air New Zealand from New York then run around New Zealand and the South Pacific on our Gulfstream or Westwind. I’m doing Air New Zealand a favor by advocating this approach, but we have no program with them.”

According to Ballantyne, Americans who come to the land of the Kiwi often come for the high-end golf courses. One dream destination for duffers is the lush course at Kauri Cliffs, Bay of Islands, which has been rated alongside one of the worlds top five course designs but at a fraction of the price.

Frank Porter, a partner in law firm Buddle Findlay, advises carrier Air New Zealand on Aircraft documentation, registry and finance and has tried without success to foster a domestic business jet TRADE, including for fractional shares.

Corporate Aviation is sparse,said Porter And it’s unlikely to grow. Corporate offices tend to base in Sydney or in other big Australian cities, and these foreign offices will have the Aircraft. Some operators may be avoiding bringing an Aircraft onto the CAA registry to bypass being the first in the country. If a type is not already on the registry, there is more work in certification and requirements.

Aside from a handful of one man, entrepreneurial enterprises, We just don’t have the wealth here to support private ownership of business jets,said Porter. And we don’t have the security concerns the U.S. has. You can walk down to the cafĂ© and see the Prime Minister having lunch.There are no direct tax incentives to purchase a corporate aircraft, or the shareholder understanding of value.

New Zealand is in its peak of economic conditions, he said. So if corporate aviation were going to take off, it would have done so in the last couple of year.

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