Economy at a premium Lufthansa, Singapore join comfy class cadre

Economy at a premium Lufthansa, Singapore join comfy class cadre

With huge business Class Cabins and more long haul International Aircraft outfitted with first class than any other Airline, Lufthansa has always zealously guarded its reputation as a premium carrier for business travelers.

Which makes it so peculiar that the German Airline waited until last week to launch premium economy, the fastest growing upscale cabin in the global skies.
Lufthansa hasn't been alone in slow walking its way to premium economy, however. Singapore Airlines, another carrier with a global reputation for top-notch service, doesn't launch its version of the service until next year.

But now that Singapore Air is committed and Lufthansa is all in more than 100 of its Aircraft will have the better than coach service by next summer the rise of International premium economy is nearly complete.After starting as a curiosity 20 years ago,then becoming a niche product, premium economy now has an undeniable place in the international travel firmament.
Business travelers who can not justify or are not allowed by corporate policy to book business class will pay the premium over traditional coach for more spacious and comfortable seats, better meals and on the ground perks.
There is also an identifiable core of leisure fliers who'll pony up for premium economy rather than squeeze into the today's dreary coach cabins.
What's surprising is how surprised the Airline industry has been by the rise of premium economy. They apparently forgot that business class started the same way 40 years ago. Disillusioned by the high price of first class, business travelers headed to coach only to be lured back up front by the initial business classes, then a service that looked a lot like today's premium economy cabins. As business classes became more lavish and essentially replaced first class, the gap between business fares and coach prices grew so enormous that fliers once again yearned for a comfortable and comfortably priced middle ground.

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