Air strikes help Syria town curb IS

Air strikes help Syria town curb IS

The US led coalition has carried out its most sustained Air attacks so far on Islamic State Fighters attacking the Turkey Syria border town of Kobane.


Kurdish people watch Air strikes at the Syrian town of Kobane, as seen from the Turkish Syrian border.

Syrian Kurdis Fighters said the strikes were the most effective yet but should have come much earlier, the BBC reported.

Correspondents said the surge of IS appeared to have been halted.

Earlier Turkey's president warned Kobane was about to fall and faced widening protests from Kurds over his refusal to allow military support.

At least nine people were killed in protests in Turkey.
At least 400 people have died in three weeks of Fighting for Kobane, monitors say, and 180,000 Syrians have fled across the border to Turkey.

More robust

The latest media release from the US military confirmed five Air strikes around Kobane, saying they were earlier this week, but not specifying exactly when.
It said the attacks had destroyed four IS armed vehicles and an IS unit, and damaged one IS tank and one armoured vehicle.

A BBC correspondent Paul Adams, on the Syria-Turkey border, said more air strikes head been heard, bringing the total to eight by far the most sustained coalition action in the area.

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