The Airbus A350XWB Is Heading For Auckland From Sydney Has Been Frozen

The Airbus A350XWB Is Heading For Auckland From Sydney Has Been Frozen

The latest Airbus has been frozen, subjected to super hot temperatures, had its brakes jammed on until they reached 1400C and its wings bent to breaking point.

Now the new entry in the Fierce battle between Airbus and Boeing the Airbus A350XWB is heading for Auckland from Sydney late tomorrow on a route proving tour before being delivered to its first customer.

Its round the world Flight gives Airbus the chance to check the performance before certification and to show it off to potential customers who are being spoiled for choice with new Airbus and Boeing's Dreamliner models in production or about to be launched.

The A350 can seat between 300 and 350 passengers and will compete against the Dreamliner and new versions of the Boeing 777. All are twin aisle, widebody planes competing in a cut throat market in which Airlines can play off the plane makers against each other.
Of Airlines serving New Zealand, Cathay Pacific has signed for the A350XWB which stands for extra wide body, expects to start getting the planes in 2016 and the Hong Kong Auckland route will be among the first on which it is used.

Air New Zealand whose 10 Dreamliners are arriving says the largest version of the A350 will be a candidate for evaluation later this decade as it looks to refresh its Boeing 777 fleet.

Airbus A350XWB Has Been Frozen,
Airbus A350XWB has capacity between 300 and 350 passengers,
Air New Zealand,

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
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