Best Flight Training Academy in Asia at Royhle Flight Training Academy

Royhle Flight Training Academy approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

Located in the scenic locales of  Dumaguete, "The City of Gentle People". With astounding views of the mountains and the sea, Royhle Flight Training Academy is a professional Aviation School offering high quality Pilot Training to aspiring individuals.


Royhle Flight Training Academy's   mission is to educate aviation students in a learning environment conducive to excellence in meeting the needs and challenges of the aviation global market place. Royhle Flight Training Academy will do this while providing a quality and innovative learning experience that upholds ethical standards and respect for one another. As a constantly evolving institution, 
Royhle Flight Training Academy will continuously strive to ensure improvements in the quality of its team members, facilities, and other resources. Royhle Flight Training Academy will continue to develop effective lines of communication and buld relationships to enhance the visibility of Royhle Flight Training Academy with various local, state, national and international constituents. Royhle Flight Training Academy will cultivate opportunities for team members and students to participate in community and professional activities that will enhance all of our quality of life.


Royhle Flight Training Academy's  Goal is to become the leading Flight Training Establishments in the Asia and Philippines, renowned for producing professional, responsible and safe pilots who perform above and beyond industry standards of excellence.

C  R E E D 

Royhle Flight Training Academy is a community of education dedicated to personal and professional excellence. As a voluntary member of this community, I pledge to live by the following standards of  conduct and values:

I will show respect for the dignity of all people at all times.
I will conduct myself with civility toward all.
I will practice honesty and personal integrity always.
I will refrain from participating in any illegal activities.
I will demonstrate good stewardship of the resources available to me.
I will conduct myself to bring honor to my family, Royhle Flight Training Academy and myself.
I will encourage others to maintain these standards.
I will do the right thing, always.

Why Train in Royhle Flight Training Academy ?

Royhle Flight Training Academy has friendly, experienced professional instructors, who are committed to safety and quality.
Royhle Flight Training Academy offers a personalized approach to optimize learning on your terms.
Royhle Flight Training Academy has small ground school classes that ensure plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor.
Royhle Flight Training Academy provides a fun, relaxed, executive-class environment to mingle and share experiences.
E-Learning: Web based learning platform supports ground school class room training and your one on one flight briefings.
Well maintained, airplanes provide a safe and comfortable learning environment.
We believe Royhle Flight Training Academy graduates will be flying to busy urban settings in the Philippines and elsewhere. You want to be ready for that.
Dumaguete is a controlled airspace and a moderately busy airport. When you train at Dumaguete, you gain the experience to confidently fly with commercial traffic, yet you avoid the congestion and restrictions of flying from busier locations.
Effective Radio Communication skills are critical to safe flying. You learn to communicate with the control tower on every flight.
Practice Makes Perfect - At Dumaguete, valuable practice time occurs after just a few minutes flying time and so you are focused on practicing your exercises and not following a restricted corridor to a remote practice area.
You also learn how to travel to smaller, more remote locations, Dumaguete is just a short flght from many local uncontrolled airfields where you can learn and practice the approach and landing procedures in an uncontrolled air fied.

Professional Pilot Training Courses offered 
at Royhle Flight Training Academy : 

Private Pilot Licence
Commercial Pilot Licence
Instrument Rating
Multi Engine Rating
Flight Instructor Rating

With Royhle Flight Training Academy, You can Soar, Spin, Roll and Flare

For further information, please contact Royhle Flight Training Academy by email at  

Student appeared for 12th exams are also eligible.
Students passed in Arts/ Commerce will also be considered on their consent and agreeing to appear for two isolates i.e. Physics & Maths
Subject of the Physics and Maths exams to meet the requirements of the Govt. of India through the board or university.

Examination Authority

PPL / CPL course is designed to meet the requirements of syllabus prescribed under rules 1937 of DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) Govt. of India. The CPL course is a package course and includes syllabus of licence examinations required to become a professional Pilot Viz. 

i) Student Pilot. 
ii) Private Pilot License 
iii) Commercial Pilot License 

In order to qualify as a professional Pilot a candidate is required to undergo training in two parts as explained earlier and obtain the different Pilots’ licences, one after another as follows:-

Students Pilots licence (SPL)  
Private Pilots Licence (PPL) (Theory Course + 40 hours of flying experience).
Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL)(Theory Course + total of 200 hours of flying experience).

Royhle Flight Training Academy
2nd Floor,GM Building,
North Road Daro,
Negros Oriental,
Philippines - 6200.
Mail : 

Contact Persons :

Capt. Joyance John
Sales and Marketing
Royhle Flight Training Academy
+63-9068250442/ 9064169698 (mobile)
Mail : 

Capt.Madhu Puliyankalath,
Head of Training,
Royhle Flight Training Academy

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eMail : 

Royhle Flight Training Academy

Admission Open for Best Pilot Training School 

Royhle Flight Training Academy,

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Training Programs
Flight School (Airplane)
Certificate Programs
Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Flight Instructor (CFI/FI)
Ratings and Add-Ons
Night Rating
Instrument Rating
Instrument Instructor (CFII)
Multi Engine Rating
Additional Facilities
Ground School Classes
Written Exam Test Centre
International Student Visa
Student Visa Available
Licensing Authority
CAAP (Philippines)


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