New integrated AMAN/CFM helps New Zealand halve Inflight delays

New integrated AMAN/CFM helps New Zealand halve Inflight delays

New Zealand recorded its lowest level of Inflight delays in the quarter covering May, June and July 2014, down 52% on the same period from the previous two years.

The country’s Air navigation services provider (ANSP), Airways New Zealand, said deployment of an integrated Air traffic flow and arrival management system was largely responsible for the lowest Inflight delay minutes ever recorded across New Zealand’s four largest Airports Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown. 

At Auckland Airport, the improved results were a direct outcome of integrating Barco’s OSYRIS Arrival Manager (AMAN) tool into Airways’ Collaborative Flow Manager (CFM) system in April 2013, for arrivals, according to Airways COO Pauline Lamb.

She said the Inflight delay reductions were evidence that the system was delivering real savings to our Airlines, both financial and environmental, without impacting on safety or service delivery.

Airways estimates the system, as well as reducing Inflight delay, has cut Aircraft CO2 emissions by more than 1,770 tonnes and saved Airlines at least $735,000 worth of fuel since July 2013.

CFM/AMAN, together with other technology and service improvements we’ve made, has saved our airlines more than 11 million kilograms of fuel in 2013-14 this equates to about $15 million of fuel savings.

The AMAN tool was integrated into Airways CFM solution to eliminate Air Traffic Bottlenecks and holding patterns at Auckland Airport. Airlines Interact directly with the CFM system to prioritize Flights according to their own business needs, subject to available slots, runway capacity and trajectory predictions updated by the system in real time. 

Lamb said this was helping to improve the flow management and sequencing of flights into Auckland. The benefits are significantly lower carbon emissions, reduced fuel burn, and far fewer delays if compared alongside European measures, she said.

Inflight delay times into Auckland are measured for the full flight wheels off the runway to wheels on the runway. In some other parts of the world, ANSPs use different measurements, such as only measuring delays against scheduled departure time, taking little account of Inflight holding.

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor
New Zealand Aviation News Editor


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