Nauru Airlines Begins New Chapter With New Brand And Rapid Growth

Nauru Airlines Begins New Chapter With New Brand And Rapid Growth 

Nauru Airlines is pursuing the fastest growth in the company’s 18 year history, adding three Aircraft during 2014. The government-owned flag carrier also recently completed a rebranding, taking back the Nauru name following an eight year hiatus with the more generic name Our Airline.
The rebranding and growth come as part of an increased focus on its home MARKET. Nauru, the second least populated nation in the world after the Vatican, has a minuscule home MARKET and no tourism.

But Nauru is receiving increased traffic as the island is used by Australia to process asylum seekers offshore. Nauru Airlines also continues to run a niche wet lease and charter business, enabling the carrier to be profitable despite its tiny size and isolated location. In the process it has been able to enhance sub regional air service links on the long, thin inter island routes in the south and central Pacific.

This report also covers the role of the Cook Islands Air Rarotonga.
auru first established a flag carrier back in 1996 with an operator’s certificate from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). In its heday it operated an ambitious schedule of sixth freedom operations, linking Australia with some of the smaller islands and nations in the central Pacific under the Air Nauru brand.

In 2005 the Airline's sole Aircraft was repossessed as the country whose economy had been based on phosphate mining  went bankrupt. But the Airline quickly rebounded and relaunched in 2006 with a single 737 under the new brand Our Airline and a new business model focusing on wet leases and charters for small South Pacific nations which had no services of their own.

A second 737 was added in 2009 after securing a three year DEAL to operate an Aircraft between the Australian mainland and Norfolk Island on behalf of Norfolk Air, which ceased operations in 2012. Our Airlines’ fleet stayed at two Aircraft until Apr 2014, when a third 737-300 and its first freighter was added.

The Airline added a fourth 737-300, giving it three passenger Aircraft, in Aug 2014 as it rebranded to Nauru Airlines. Nauru Airlines CEO Geoff Bowmaker said at the Aug 2014 CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit that the fleet will grow to five 737-300s by the end of 2014.

The third addition of 2014, a passenger aircraft acquired from Air New Zealand which is also the source of the most recent addition, is expected to be delivered in Nov-2014.

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