Kiwi teen offered spot on Mercedes mixed tape

Kiwi teen offered spot on Mercedes mixed tape

A 17 year old Christchurch schoolgirl has been OFFERED an opportunity that could net her hundreds of thousands of downloads for her first single.   

Maya Payne, who records as Maya, was recently approached by Mercedes Benz representatives in Germany, who want to include a remix of her song Fragile on one of its mix tape compilations.   

The luxury car manufacturer, which has 15 million plus likes on its Facebook page, offers REGISTERED owners of its cars new music every 10 weeks from up and coming artists.   

It came about when she released a remix of Fragile with a young UK teen, Will Gibson who records a Someones Enemy, says Maya's father and manager Matt Power.

First contact was pretty immediate when we put up the track. Some key music blogs in the UK and Australia picked up on Fragile and said good things.
Also, The NZ on Air Audience website here in NZ sent out a headline and link to the track. So,I think they found out about it from one of those.   

Maya was in Auckland recently recording tracks for an EP at Joel Little's Golden Age studio, where Lorde's Pure Heroine was created.   
We have produced the tracks with Kidz in Space's Josh Fountain, the chief engineer and go to producer now at Golden Age Studios,Power says. 

We also bought a producer with us, MCHNCL Kabyn Walley, who is a fresh up and coming producer from Christchurch and currently completing a music degree at Otago.    

The three of them have collaborated to create some real magic we think.    
New Zealand On Air has been quick to recognise Maya's potential awarding her with two $10,000 grants based on the quality of two demos she put forward.  

A video for Fragile is due to be released this week. It was created with the help of Belmont productions in Christchurch, who OFFERED their services at less than cost.   
A lot of people are really getting behind her and her potential in NZ, it is great to see such a supportive music community here,Power says.    

The Spark Foundation, which has been set up to help young New Zealanders achieve their dreams, has OFFERED to support Maya in raising more funds to help her record an EP.
The initiative sees the foundation matching dollar for dollar pledges and donations.    
It is all Maya at the moment,Power says.
It is a rare thing to have the support of a major label these days, so you have to apply the number 8 wire mentality to things and do all you can yourself to raise the MONEY required to create quality recordings and videos

Music blogs in the UK and Australia picked up, 
The Air Audience website here in NZ sent out a headline and link to the track,
New Zealand On Air has been quick to recognise Maya's potential,
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