Airlines Show Off Their New Flying Colours As The Aviation

Airlines Show Off Their New Flying Colours As The Aviation 

Several Aviation firms have embarked on a makeover this week something Airlines usually do once every 20 years.
The first carrier to unveil a new look was Southwest Airlines which revealed an overhaul of the design and colour of its livery.
It replaced the old canyon blue for a darker shade and rethought the stripes on the tail as well as adding new fonts and a yellow, red and blue heart underneath the plane to show it cares.

Both Southwest and Frontier's redesigns were leaked on Twitter ahead of the official announcements.
An Aviation expert suggests that the Airline's new designs signify that they are going through a change in corporate identity.
Both are completing deals Southwest will finalize a takeover of AirTran Airways in the near future and Frontier is attempting to cash in on the budget MARKET by becoming a low cost carrier.

Jonny Clark, an Airline brand specialist and founder of told CNN that Airline liveries have a shelf life of 20 years or so.
But lately there's been a spate of Aircraft redesigns.
Other Airlines which have decided to rebrand include Air New Zealand, American and Iberia.
Other Airlines on the brink of doing the same are Abu Dhabi Airline Etihad.

In the last couple of years, there's been an influx of new Aircraft into a lot of fleets777s and A380s.

A lot of Airlines have taken advantage of this opportunity to create a point of differentiation,explains Clark.
American and European brands, he notes, tend to follow a similar aesthetic, known as Eurowhite known for its simplicity.
But not all Airlines want to follow the current trend.
Several carriers in the Pacific Rim have liveries reflecting local design culture.

Hawaiian Airlines introduced its regional subsidy, Ohana by Hawaiian, using a local aesthetic when crafting the new livery this year.

The carrier teamed up with father and son design team Sig and Kuha'o Zane to craft a look that honoured the local culture. 

A new look was Southwest Airlines revealed,
Airlines like Air New Zealand,American and Iberia,Abu Dhabi Airline Etihad are flying with colours,
Hawaiian Airlines introduced its regional subsidy,

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor
New Zealand Aviation News Editor


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