One MOre Flight Accident Near Missed

One MOre Flight Accident Near Missed

Where: At Tonga,
How:Chinese plane started to skid off a runaway.
Airlines:Prime Minister John Key,  

Olympic Athlete Valerie Adams in Aircraft Accident Near Miss in Tonga 
Olympic shot put medallist Valarie Adams has had a near miss with an Aircraft accident involving a Chinese plane that started to skid off a runaway in Tonga.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully has been warning Kiwis for the last year not to travel on the Real Tonga Airlines Xian MA60 Aircraft saying it is not safe.

Adams has been holidaying in Tonga over Christmas with partner Gabriel Price, at the family village of Houma, on Tongatapu.

Before boarding the Aircraft at Fua amotu International Airport Adams posed for photos with other Tongans travelling to Eua.

That caption says the photo was taken just before they boarded the real Tonga Airlines on their way to Eua only to find out the breaks don't work as the plane started to slide off the runway thank goodness everyone was safe and no one got hurt.

Comments from others include Our family treasures and a Tongan national treasure almost lost!! and Only in Tonga can the Olympic gold medallist go home to relax and almost ends up in a plane crash.

On her Instagram account Adams said she was back in Tonga cause problems with the brakes haha so waiting on eta for our flight zzzzz.

She also offers a negative comment about the Airline.

Last year McCully issued a warning saying that MA60 planes had been involved in several rece 
New Zealand also withheld aid.

At the time, Prime Minister John Key defended the warning saying New Zealand could not just sit back and say it was okay.

The just departed Tongan Government began to address the concerns late last year and in the latest New Zealand travel advisory, Wellington advises the Tongan Government "is working closely with the Pacific Aviation Safety Office on a major overhaul of aviation safety".

Details were still being worked through but "New Zealanders should expect changes to services as the authorities address safety issues and take this background into consideration when making their travel arrangements".

Adams could not be reached today for comment on her Aviation experience, but she has made no secret of the grand time she has had in Tonga.

As it was no secret, and she frequently posted pictures on social media, word reached the Royal Palace where King Tupou VI had the Lord Chamberlain summon her to a reception on New Year's Day.

Posting the invitations on Instagram, she described it as a great honour, while a New Zealand friend quickly put it in perspective: The King of Tonga having the Queen of NZ at his reception.

News outlet Matangi Tonga said Adams was the star of the reception, which included 200 guests and the new Prime Minister, 'Akilisi Pohiva. 

The noble of Houma, Lord Vaea, accompanied them to the reception.

Adams might well be a multi Olympic medal winner and IAAF Athlete of the Year, but her postings show a delighted Tongan touching base with the people of the home of her mother, Liklika Ngauamo.

Her pride in being there is evident from her hashtags
One striking photo shows her with my grandma Popua who is barely half Adam's height.

Olympic Athlete Valerie Adams

Valerie Kasanita Adams, 
She is a four-time World champion,
three time World Indoor champion and two-time Olympic and three-time Commonwealth champion. 
Born: October 6, 1984 (age 30), Rotorua, New Zealand
Height: 1.93 m
Nationality: New Zealand
Spouse: Bertrand Vili
Parents: Sid Adams
Siblings: Steven Adams, Warren Adams

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