AirAsia's Plane Turned Back Before Takeoff In Indonesia

AirAsia's Plane Turned Back Before Takeoff In Indonesia

AirAsia has downplayed an incident that saw one of its planes turned back before takeoff in Indonesia, a week after another of its Jets crashed into the Java Sea with 162 on board.

Indonesia AirAsia Flight 7633 was taxiing in preparation for takeoff on Saturday at Surabaya Airport where last week's doomed Flight also took off when a power unit used to start the plane shut down, an Airline official said.

As a result, the Pilot turned back to the gate, Raden Achmad Sadikin, director of Safety and Security at Indonesia AirAsia, told reporters.

Local media in Indonesia and Malaysia had reported the Bandung bound plane's engine had cut out after emitting a loud bang that terrified passengers,but AirAsia stressed it was a minor incident.

Silly headlines in Malaysia. AirAsia Indonesia aircraft did not have a stalled engine. An APU, which is ground power, had to be restarted.

Fernandes urged staff to remain strong.

Facts will come out. As I have said we are calm, will take the hits now as our focus is families. But time will show what AirAsia is all about,he tweeted.

Meanwhile,Indonesian officials said weather was the triggering factor in last week's crash of AirAsia Flight 8501, with icing likely causing engine damage after it flew into a storm.

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