Passengers should be worried Pilots call for Greater security on Domestic Flights

Airline staff are calling for greater security at New Zealand's domestic Airports amid fears of a possible terror attack.
New Zealand has one of the most relaxed Domestic Aviation Security Systems with passengers able to use a self-check-in 
kiosk, don't require documentation and aren't searched by security.

Airlines Pilot Association Alpa Union security expert Dave Reynolds said pilots don't see the current system as one that 
protects them in the air.
"They do not know who's flying in the Aircraft they do not know what's in their cargo, that in itself is a very dangerous 
situation. It's not just pilots that I say should be worried, it's passengers."

New Zealand is one of the few countries in the western world that doesn't require passengers to provide identification when they check-in, and unless the Aircraft has more than 90 seats passengers won't pass through metal detectors and luggage screening.

"We are at threat here, we already know there are 40 people being watched very closely by the Government. These are the people they know about, I suspect there are many more. Something needs to be done," Mr Reynolds said.

Last year New Zealand's National Security terrorist threat level went from very low to low, but the Domestic Aviation Security hasn't been reviewed in six years.

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority said it is currently considering the risk to Domestic Aviation Security, with a report due back at the end of the year.


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