Asia Airways ATR Plane which Crash Landed in a River in New Taipei City

Rescuers pull a Passenger out of the Trans Asia Airways ATR Plane which Crash Landed in a River in New Taipei City

Airlines : TransAsia Airways 
Aircraft : ATR 72 Plane
ATR 72-600 Aircraft 
City  :  New Taipei City

TransAsia Chief Executive Apologizes After Air Plane Crashes into Taiwan river

A TransAsia Airlines ATR 72 Air Plane carrying 58 people Crashed into a shallow river in Taipei, Taiwan, shortly after takeoff Wednesday morning, killing at least ...

Dramatic dashcam footage in Taiwan shows a TransAsia Airways Plane scraping past a major highway moments before it careened into a shallow river.

Reports are coming in that a TransAsia Airways Plane has Crashed in a Taipei river, injuring ten people. TransAsia Plane Crashes in Taiwan river - rolling …

are emerging of the rescue operation still underway. Rescuers pull a passenger out of the TransAsia Airways Plane which Crash landed in a river, in ...

TransAsia Plane Crashes into Taipei river, 15 dead A Taiwanese TransAsia Airways Plane with 58 passengers and crew on board Crash-landed in a Taipei river on Wednesday.

TransAsia Airways Flight Crashes Near Taipei Into Keelung River; 2 Killed
A TransAsia Airways Corp. turboprop Plane Crashed into Keelung River near Taipei with the Aircraft losing contact after takeoff. It was the second accident in less than a year for the Taiwanese Airline.
Flight GE 235 from Taipei to Kinmen Crashed at about 10:45 a.m. local time, Thomas Wang, a spokesman for the Aviation Safety Council said. At least one person died from the accident, the National Fire Agency public relations officer Lin Kuan-cheng said by phone.
Ten people were rescued and 40 people were injured in the Crash, Apple Daily reported. The Plane had 53 passengers and five crew, it said. TransAsia spokeswoman Frankie Fang was unable to confirm how many people were on board the ATR-72 Aircraft, a propeller Plane made by Toulouse, France-based ATR. She also gave no information on any fatalities.
A TransAsia turboprop Plane had Crashed in July last year, killing 48 people. That Plane went down after the Pilots couldn’t find the runway seconds before their Aircraft slammed on Taiwan’s outlying Penghu islands, according to the accident report. Ten people survived that Crash, which was also an ATR 72 twin-engine turbo-propeller Aircraft.
Flight 235 lost contact after takeoff, Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration said. Two tour groups from mainland China with 31 members were aboard the Crashed TransAsia Flight, according to a text message from Taiwan’s tourism bureau.

News about Transasia Plane

TransAsia Plane Crash-lands in Taipei river in Taiwan; at least nine killed

The TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop Plane was on a domestic Flight when it hit a road bridge before ploughing into the river, the reports said. Rescuers were…
Taiwan's TransAsia Plane with 58 aboard Crash-lands into Taipei river, 12 dead

TransAsia Plane Crashes into Taipei river, 15 dead

BBC News - TransAsia Crash: Twelve dead as Plane …

At least 12 people are killed as a TransAsia Plane clips a bridge and Crashes into a river near the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, say officials.

At least 11 people were killed and up to 19 were missing after a Taiwanese TransAsia Airways Plane with 58 passengers and crew on board ...

A TransAsia Plane carrying 58 passengers, including five crew members, Crashes in a river in Taiwan’s capital.

TransAsia Plane with 53 Passengers Crashes in Taiwan …

A TransAsia Airways Plane carrying 53 passengers and five crew members Crash-landed in a river in Taiwan on Wednesday, according to television reports.

A Taiwanese Flight with 58 people aboard clipped a bridge shortly after takeoff and careened into a shallow river Wednesday in the ...

TransAsia Plane Crashes Into Taiwan River; At Least 15 ...

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