Air New Zealand orders crew to stop drinking on job

Air New Zealand orders crew to stop drinking on job 

After boozy night led to 'intimate' video of Flight Attendant

Staff warned after a series of scandals involving intoxicated employees 

Four Flight attendants resigned after booze fuelled night in Wellington

One cabin crew member reportedly recorded in intimate video

Airline Investigated reports off duty worker straddled All Blacks member

Another employee resigned after failing a breath test before a Flight 

Air New Zealand has issued a stern warning to staff after a handful of employees created a scandal with a series of drunken episodes.

Four Flight attendants resigned last week after a booze fuelled night in Wellington reportedly led to one of the crew being recorded in an intimate video.
In the wake of employees’ well publicised exploits the airline has cracked down on drinking, punished those who breached its code of conduct and told remaining staff to be on their best behaviour.

Air New Zealand has been forced to deal with a series of incidents involving intoxicated employees,
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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor
New Zealand Aviation News Editor


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