Cathay Pacific's Betsy Beer is coming to New Zealand Flights

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Cathay Pacific's unique craft beer - brewed to taste better at 35,000 feet - is coming to a Flight near you.

The Hong Kong Airline announced today that it plans to introduce its craft brew to Flights between Hong Kong and New Zealand, as wells on services to Europe, Canada, the United States, Japan, and Tel Aviv.

Betsy Beer - named in honour of the Airline's first plane - was rolled out in March and April for business and first class passengers travelling between Hong Kong and Britain.
Created in a partnership with Hong Kong Beer Co, the ingredients include a lychee-like fruit and Hong Kong honey.

In November, Betsy Beer will be available for first and business class passengers on Flights between Hong Kong and New Zealand.
"The inclusion of "Dragon Eye" fruit is a unique characteristic of the beverage. Known for its aromatic properties, the fruit adds to the round, rich, textural properties that make the beer distinctive," the Airline said.

It will be served to first and business class passengers on all Flights from Hong Kong to Europe (except the United Kingdom) in May and June, on services to and from Canada and the United States during July and August; on Flights to and from Japan between September and October.

However, passengers on Flights to and from New Zealand will have to wait until November and December to try Betsy. It will also be introduced on Flights to Tel Aviv at this time.

Betsy Beer will also be available at ground level at the Airline's lounges in Hong Kong, as well as a select number of restaurants in Hong Kong.
The flavour was enhanced further for the limited release beer by the inclusion of a small component of New Territories' -sourced honey and Fuggle, a hop and a mainstay of traditional British craft ales.





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