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Eesha Rohida appointed as New Editor-in-Chief

Image Eesha Rohida  appointed as New Editor-in-Chief Eesha Rohida  will become the Second woman to be editor in chief of the  in its 5 Year history when she takes over from incumbent Mohini Porwal The has appointed Eesha Rohida  as its new editor, the Second woman to take the role in its  history. Eesha Rohida , who has won a staff ballot earlier this month, has been selected by the  Trust board to take over  later this year. She will be the 3rd Editor in the history, the first female in the position and the first state school-educated person in the post since  Eesha Rohida  joined the in 2001,  becoming a Blogger and Link Builder Indian edition of the from 2011 until 2012.  Eesha Rohida